How to easily send trackable emails from your iPhone

You can easily configure JangoSMTP on your iPhone, and send trackable emails from your iPhone. A free JangoSMTP account lets you send up to 200 emails/month. Just set your outgoing server to, specify your User Name and Password, and you're all set. Please note: JangoSMTP is only for sending emails. You should keep your incoming email settings as they are.

After creating a free JangoSMTP account, follow the instructions in the screenshots below.

1. In the Settings section, go to Mail, Contacts, Calendars

2. Click Add Account

3. Choose Other

4. Go to Add Mail Account

5. Fill out each section in New Account and click Next

6. Scroll down to Outgoing Mail Server and set your Host Name to and enter your JangoSMTP User Name and Password. For Incoming Mail Server, use your usual settings.

JangoSMTP Benefits

  • Open Tracking
  • Click Tracking
  • DomainKeys/DKIM Signing
  • SenderID/SPF Compliance
  • Access to SMTP Log Files
  • API to Access Reporting Data
  • Group Different Types of Emails
  • Send via SMTP or API