Reviews of Our SMTP Server and Transactional Email API

Below you will find quotes from actual emails sent to us by JangoSMTP users. The comments below are unsolicited, and were received by us through natural correspondence with our clients. Our clients' word is our strongest testament to our dedication to our clients, our feature-rich service, our outstanding support, and our bleeding-edge technology platform.

Dear Sarah,

I had the pleasure of speaking with one of JangoSMTP's Technical Support Personal named Angel, this afternoon. I wish to let you know of her exemplary work and effort in addressing many of the issues that I had with my account.

My company Advanced Energy Systems, Inc. is using JangoSMTP's services to help provide a VoIP solution's Unified Messaging capabilities to my end users. As you might now, most Unified Messaging Communication systems require that both the Voice and Data networks be merged; however, in my company's case we are required to keep them separate. In researching ways to bring voicemail messages to my end users inboxes, I came across your service.

As with all newly installed solutions, issues can occur that can linger for longer than one would like. Today, I went to access the account that was created with JangoSMTP. Being unable to access my JangoSMTP account and getting into an endless loop, I turned to calling your Tech Support line for the very first time.

Angel was not only upbeat, friendly, and pleasant (A WONDERFULLY REFRESHING EXPERIENCE NOT SEEN ON MOST TECH SUPPORT LINES), but she was cautious and made sure to verify who I was and listened to the situation to help protect my companies account. She, further more, was able to address my account issues and also went the extra mile to make sure that I was aware of some important changes to the JangoSMTP UI for users, the tiered paid plans, and even helped answer some of my questions about using your service with a possible future expansion for individual users.

She was by far the best support experience I have had in a VERY long time. I have been doing Information Technology, namely on the Infrastructure side, for over twenty years and rare is the time that one comes across a Technical Support Representative who is professional, friendly, and really knowledgeable about their product.

I promised Angel that I would not write a book about the experience, but I wanted to somehow bring attention to Angel's extraordinary efforts because if she had not gone the extra mile then I would be unable to deliver an important piece of functionality to my end users.

I wish to ask that Angel receive recognition for her efforts. I will be sure to let my colleagues know of your company and its products as well as to let them know that when you need help you will not be disappointed, but rather glad you called.

Thank you for you time.

Darrin Rescigno
Network Manager
Advanced Energy Systems, Inc.

There's a TV advert here in the UK for a household paint: "It does exactly what it says on the tin".
That's JangoSMTP. It just works, the support just responds exactly how it should.
Like ebay feedback, the highest accolade I can give is "Thank you for a smooth transaction".

J. Wood

I was experiencing a little "brain sprain" that day and made a rookie boo-boo. You guys are awesome, and we really appreciate everything you all do.

We’re experiencing truly explosive growth—went to three services two weeks ago and we’re already full at all three (2,350 people). Don’t know how we’d manage without your great email service. We are telling all our friends about. Hope it’s translating into increased business.


Hi Kim,

I have had exceptional support and proactive care from all at JangoSMTP. Your service has made an exhibition enquiry system a real pleasure to develop and we test it out for real next week in Brussels. Thanks for all you do and I look forward to using your mail relay service for a long time.




Everything seems to be working wonderfully. I had an issue with a Verizon iPad2 not having any luck with their SMTP servers and started looking around for alternatives. Found you guys and it worked within 10 minutes of finding you.

Two thumbs up

Thank you

John S.
Dear Jango,

I spent three weeks trying to set up my database to work with my new mail server to work with my I.S.P. I’m not a technical person. I had a tech support person from my database company, an IT person as well as the tech support department of another SMTP relay service working on the issue. It took them two weeks to deduce that the problem was rooted in the SMTP relay service. These three people cost me in the neighborhood for $600 and they couldn’t seem to agree on what the issue was. Nor did they fix it.

When asked to investigate, the SMTP relay service refused to dig into the issue. They kept sending me back generic, un-signed emails that asked questions that were not relevant to my issue (ie- copy/paste responses to typical problems). Their response time was typically 24 hours. They did not have a telephone number or a contact person.

When we switched to Jango, it was amazing. Someone emailed within 20 minutes of sign up to welcome me. It was followed up immediately by a phone call and that person helped me to configure my mail service myself. Within 15 minutes I was sending emails to my customers without issue. And this was before I upgraded to the paid plan. Wow!

Jango understands that time is money. And unlike my three outside service providers, Jango speaks to me in a language I can understand. Thank you so much!

Craig Davidiuk
Ultimate Promotions
Squamish, BC
The service was brilliant, prompt, courteous, everything you could hope for. Overall dealing with you guys has been easy as. If I know anyone has the same issue, you will be getting the business!
-Hague G.
Thanks Sarah, I must say that I am incredibly impressed with Jango's product and customer service. You guys are amazing!!!!
-L.A. Rogers
Thank you. Your answer was timely and very helpful. Such great service reflects well on the company and strongly encourages me to look further into the solution you provide. I will be signing up for an account and begin testing very soon.
-Geordie Korper
Thanks Kim. It was painfully easy to set this up and test it and it's working like a charm... Thanks for the follow up and this uber cool service!
-Daniel Krotine
I travel all over the world - South Africa, Japan, Hong Kong, Australia, New Zealand and the USA, UK/Europe. Sending emails is a nightmare! McDonalds is supposed to work, airports are supposed to work. I have purchased connections at airports all over the world and they very rarely SEND emails. Jango has saved my life. The cost is NOTHING compared to the nightmare of not being able to send and trying to run an international business!
-Colleen Kelly
I am very excited and happy to use JangoSMTP services, the simplicity and feature rich product with SMTP log tracing, I must say Hats Off to your product.
I just wanted to send you an email and thank you again for being so helpful and answering all our questions. We signed up for the 45K emails/month plan and you were instrumental in helping us feel confident in that decision. We had a bad experience with another company recently and it is refreshing to deal with such knowledgeable, helpful, and courteous people for a change! I wanted to let you know that you were awesome and tell your boss I said you deserve a raise! :^)
-Tim M.
The trial with our free account went perfectly and we signed up for a paid account hours later. It's already integrated with our live service and our email delivery rate is massively improved. I'm so very impressed.
-Andy Fletcher

JangoSMTP Benefits

  • Open Tracking
  • Click Tracking
  • DomainKeys/DKIM Signing
  • SenderID/SPF Compliance
  • Access to SMTP Log Files
  • API to Access Reporting Data
  • Group Different Types of Emails
  • Send via SMTP or API