Pricing is based first on the number of emails you send per month and secondarily on message size. Standard pricing is based on an average email size of 100 KiloBytes per message for the billing month. Additional data may be purchased at $10 per 1 GB. To sign up for a paid account, FIRST create a Free Account and then you may upgrade it to a PAID account anytime. Free accounts are limited to 30 days and start at 50 emails.

Emails Per Month* Monthly Fee
Up to 2,500 $7
Up to 5,000 $13
Up to 8,500 $21
Up to 12,000 $28
Up to 18,000 $36
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* Monthly allowance based off of an average email size of 100 KiloByte per message. Additional data transfer may be purchased at $10 per 1 GB of data transfer. Unused email volume and bandwidth do not carry over from month to month.

* Sales tax may apply where required.

All plans are MONTH-to-MONTH, and you may cancel at anytime. Sign up for a free account here. You can convert your free account to a paid account at anytime.

JangoSMTP Benefits

  • Open Tracking
  • Click Tracking
  • DomainKeys/DKIM Signing
  • SenderID/SPF Compliance
  • Access to SMTP Log Files
  • API to Access Reporting Data
  • Group Different Types of Emails
  • Send via SMTP or API