The world’s first transactional email service with tracking

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"Angel was by far the best support experience I have had in a VERY long time. I have been doing Information Technology,
namely on the Infrastructure side, for over twenty years and rare is the time that one comes across a Technical Support
Representative who is professional, friendly, and really knowledgeable about their product."
- Darrin Rescigno, Network Manager

What is it?

A cutting edge transactional email delivery service that adds tracking and authentication to email. Connect to the SMTP relay or use the transactional email API to send emails.

Who is it for?

Web programmers who send transactional email through their own corporate email servers. Users of iPhone or desktop clients like Outlook and Thunderbird.

Why Use It?

Enjoy the benefits of open tracking, click tracking, DomainKeys/DKIM signing, grouping, logging, and extreme email delivery.